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How to Keep Glass Shower Doors & Tiles with Hard Water Stains Clean in Dorchester, MA

The glass shower is a modern luxury that aesthetically, makes any bathroom look classy and elegant. But when the glass looks spotted, smudged, cloudy, and plain dirty, the beauty drops considerably and the filthy glass makes the once luxurious bathroom look dingy and something to avoid. With that in mind, we at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share some tips for keeping glass surrounding your shower looking clean, clear, and crisp to magnify the shine and cleanliness of your bathroom.

Best Way to Clean Glass Shower Doors & Tiles

1) Tools for Multi-Use: The right tools can really contribute to a well cleaned shower. A toothbrush, designated only for cleaning, can be used for scrubbing the metal frame around your shower door. To help remove the gunk where the metal meets the shower or door, a paint scraper can get the job done efficiently. Finally a razor, when carefully applied, can make scraping the mineral spots off flat glass a breeze.
2) Squeegee: Preventative maintenance is ideal, by keeping a squeegee in a convenient spot and
using it to squeegee the door after each use you can avoid the hard-water deposits from building up, minimizing the scrubbing for serious cleaning tasks.
3) Daily Shower Spray: Additional preventative treatment is daily applications on the glass of a DIY formula that you can easily spray on the glass surface on daily bases can also prevent a lot of the shower residues from accumulating, while allowing you to skip the constant harsh chemical treatments.
Ina spray bottle, combine 1 cup water, 1/2 cup vinegar, a tsp of mild liquid dish soap, and 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil (optional). Be sure to keep the mixture in the shower, and spray the glass door down after you squeegee. Note – if you have a stone-tile shower, do not add the vinegar in the solution.
4) Contain the Buildup: When it comes to scrubbing away the soap scum residue on the glass door, many recommend uses lukewarm distilled vinegar (do NOT use if you have stone tile as it can be damaged) mixed with grease cutting liquid dish soap in equal portions. Sponge the mixture on the glass and use a non-scratch pad to clean off the layers.
5) Multitask: The warm water has already loosed up the grime, plus you don’t have to worry about getting messy or wet, lightly clean the shower at the tail end of your your shower. Use a sponge or foam cleaning pad to quickly wipe the glass door.
6) Citrus Solutions: Cut a lemon in half and dip one side in baking soda; use it to rub down the glass and rinse for a citrus clean. Additionally, using a very light sheen of lemon oil after cleaning the glass will repel any water, preventing it from getting spotty after a cleaning.

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Keeping the glass clean is ideal, but when it gets scratched or sustains other damage, call the experts of Nadia’s House Cleaning and our specialists will repair or replace the glass in your shower.

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